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(In the following section, the Company refers to the company or companies featured in the eContent). Any investment is subject to risks, including risks of the Company in which the investment is made and risks of the type of investment made. It is not possible to foresee every potential risk. Regardless, an investment in a company’s Common Stock is a highly speculative investment and involves material risk as well as immediate substantial dilution. The Common Stock should be purchased only by persons who can afford to lose their entire investment in said company. Prospective investors should consider the following:
Success Dependent on Management: A company’s success depends upon the active participation of present management. Loss of their active services could adversely affect development of the company’s business plan and the likelihood of the company’s continued operations. The time which they devote to the business affairs of the company and the skill with which they discharge their responsibilities will substantially impact the Company’s success.
Financial Burden on Investors: A great deal of all of the financial risk of the company’s business activities will be borne by the investors who purchase Common Stock in this company, while management and recent investors stand to realize substantial benefits from significant stock ownership.
Issuance of Additional Shares: The Board of Directors has the power to issue additional shares of common stock of the company, without shareholder approval. Any additional common stock of the company issued may have the effect of further diluting the interest of the Investor.
Limited Funds Available for Operations: Additional Financing Contemplated: A company’s capital may be insufficient to conduct more than limited operations. There can be no assurance such company will be successful in identifying sources of future financing or that any such financing can be obtained on terms favorable to that company. In the event that company is unsuccessful in generating operating revenues or in obtaining future financing, investors may lose all or a substantial portion of their investment.
Competition: A company must compete with other companies whose business plans and objectives are similar to those of such company. Such company may have several other companies engaged in similar businesses, some of which have substantially greater resources and longer operating histories than that company has.
Control of the Company: The directors, officers and existing shareholders of a company may beneficially own a majority of the outstanding shares of such company’s Common Stock. It is possible that the company’s Articles and By-Laws contain no cumulative voting provisions and, accordingly, the company’s existing shareholders will likely be able to elect the entire Board of Directors of that company and to direct the affairs of that company.
Non Arm’s-Length Transactions: Certain transactions may take place between a company and certain of that company’s present shareholders, officers and directors involving certain agreements and the common stock issued to them.
For more information regarding risk factors please read the Company’s SEC filings by visiting www.sec.gov and typing in the Company’s Name.
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We encourage viewers to invest carefully and read the investor issuer information available at the web sites of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC has launched an investor-focused website to help you invest wisely and avoid fraud at www.investor.gov and filings made by public companies can be viewed at www.sec.gov and/or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) at: www.finra.org. In addition, FINRA has published information at its website on how to invest carefully at www.finra.org/Investors/index.htm

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